Orchard Prime Meats & Wine Shoppe located in Cary IL.

Orchard Prime Meats & Wine Shoppe

Monday thru Saturday
9:00am - 6:00pm
10:00am - 4:00pm

Full service butcher shop specializing in:

Custom Cut Prime, Dry-aged Beef
Daily-Made Ground Chuck,
Round & Sirloin
All-Natural Pork & Chicken
Old Fashioned Smoked Hams & Bacon
Homemade Sausages
Farm Fresh Turkey, Capon,
Cornish Game Hen,
All-Natural Duck & Duck Breast,
Domestic Rabbit, Spring Lamb, Provini Veal
Frozen, Wild-Caught Seafood & Shellfish
Semi-prepared Meals
Lump Charcoal
Prime dry-aged beef, slabs of ribs, roasts, imported deli selections, our own homemade specialties and much more.

Orchard Prime Meats full service butcher shop.


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Orchard Prime Meats & Wine Shoppe
133 W. Main Street
Cary, Illinois 60013

Phone: 847-639-3991